The Conference

Time29/30 June 2001
LocationFormer German Bundestag in Bonn
Organizersd&m AG
ProgramProf. Dr. Ernst Denert, Prof. Dr. Manfred Broy
ChairmanProf. Dr. Manfred Broy, TU München
Participants800 sd&m employees, 400 science and business guests
ProceedingsBroy/Denert (eds.), Software Pioneers

16 of the most influential software technology researchers and practitioners reported about their historical contribution to this field and their current view on it. The conference ought to demonstrate to the young sd&m software engineers the fundamentals of their work and how software technology emerged in order to enable them classifying and judging new technologies. The participants could meet the software pioneers whom they until then only knew from the literature – for most of them an extraordinary experience, for me as well. These were my last two days as CEO of sd&m.

It was my great ambition to organize this conference, which was only possible due to an excellent sd&m team. I owe special thanks to Manfred Broy for his contribution making the program feasible and his sovereign chairmanship.

The proceedings document the pioneers’ conference lectures as well as their historical contributions. In addition, the conference was filmed, the videos are a supplement of the proceedings. There, they snoozed for 15 years, were accessible only to a few people and could be viewed with old equipment only. It became high time to present them via the web, making the lectures of the software pioneers about their eminent historical contributions public to a broad audience.

The videos had to be reformatted, not an easy task. Ralf S. Engelschall did it, many thanks to him.

The website is provided by my foundation. Hopefully, it will attract broad interest, especially by young Informatics people wanting to understand the origin of their field.

Ernst Denert