About sd&m

compiled by Ernst Denert


1982 Ernst Denert and Ulfried Maiborn found the sd&m software design & management GmbH in Munich starting with ten employees.
1992 Ernst & Young (majority) and Bayerische Landesbank acquire
the foundersā€˜ shares.
1995 Ulfried Maiborn resigns.
1999 sd&m GmbH & Co. KG becomes a corporation (Aktiengesellschaft, AG).
2000 Ernst & Young and Bayerische Landesbank sell their shares to Capgemini.
2001 Ernst Denert makes his farewells at the Software Pioneers Conference and resigns.

2008 sd&m AG is transformed into Capgemini sd&m GmbH.
2010 The name sd&m is abandoned.

Business area

Development of custom-built software for business information systems and related consulting.


sd&m grows organically considering number of employees and revenue:

Technology & Management

sd&m was characterized by capabilities which already are implied by the name sd&m software design & management:
design: Software design and architecture, the core discipline of software engineering, as foundation of any software development combined with object oriented methodology and modularity based on the principle of data and know-how encapsulation.
management: Planning projects, calculating effort, fixing dates, leading teams. Run complex projects in time and budget. Coordinate the customer cooperation, develop software according to his requirements and make it operational on his IT systems.

The Team

Highly qualified software engineers with an academic degree, mainly in Informatics and related
fields. Technical and application all-rounders being able to construct software systems for the
requirements of diverse customers.